John Poitevint / May 15, 2022

Mark 1 41During Jesus’ earthly ministry He performed miracles. Why did Jesus perform miracles and what do those miracles mean for us today? Consider three reasons why Jesus performed these miracles…

1st -  He authored miracles to show compassion and meet human needs. In Mark 1, Jesus came upon a man with leprosy.  Verse 41 reads, “Then Jesus, moved with compassion, and said to him, ‘I am willing; be cleansed.” (NKJV).   

Most of the time, Jesus’ miracles were not necessarily planned, but were spontaneous because of His great love for us and our suffering. Why should this show of COMPASSION encourage us, today?  Because the Bible teaches us that Jesus is God in the flesh! 

What’s God like? Does God really know how I feel? This answers those questions. Our God is a God who is moved by our suffering, because He truly does love us!

2nd - Jesus performed miracles to confirm His true identity as God’s Son. One thing that stands out to me is HOW FEW HE ACTUALLY DID!

Miracles were just a small portion of Jesus’ ministry. THEY WERE NOT THE POINT! They served as “signs” pointing to something greater. Acts 2:22 tells us this. This “Wow-factor” was not and is not enough to sustain long-term faith.  At some point, folks turn elsewhere for their entertainment. The climatic miracle, of His death and resurrection from the grave points us to a DEEPER truth about Jesus and should cause us to place our unending FAITH in Him! (Luke 7:22)

A Final purpose for miracle is this… Jesus performed miracles to provide for us a glimpse of our world, as faithful children, to come. These miracles performed by Jesus are like a “flash of lightening that illuminates a dark night for a moment.”  That allows us to see clearly.

The miracles of Jesus are a snapshot of the Bible’s earlier chapters---The Garden of Eden and mankind existing with God in perfect harmony and peace. When Jesus healed the sick, restored sight to the blind, and calmed the storms---He Was Taking Us Back---for just a moment to Eden and the world described in Revelation 21-22.  Miracles provide us with a peek of our future home---HEAVEN!



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