NO MORE EXCUSES    John Poitevint / March 20, 2022

No More ExcusesWhen I think of Moses the first image that I think of is—COURAGE. I see this great patriarch holding up his hands as the Red Sea is divided, (the scene in Hollywood’s version with Charlton Heston standing on a rock and calling on God to open this great body of water).  I can almost feel the fresh spray of water-droplets in the air, and hear the sound of furious hooves in the distance. For the past four weeks (today will make five), we have also seen that this great man was like so many of us---an EXCUSE maker. 

Moses answered God’s call from the burning bush with the words, “Here am I” (Exodus 3:4) but then, whether out of apprehension (fear) or humility, he quickly added 5 excuses as to why God should pick someone else to carry God’s message.

  • Exodus 3:11—” I’m not good enough” –Moses was content with a shepherd’s life in Midian. God so often picks the most unlikely person to fulfill His works and mission. Jonah, Gideon, Peter, and YOU and ME. God sees past the man or woman standing before Him and sees eternity. He sees our potential…God did not accept Moses’ first excuse; it is the same one we all have used in our lives too, ---He won’t accept this excuse!
  • Exodus 3:13— “I don’t have all the answers”—As a boy Moses was raised in Pharaoh’s household. He had every advantage to learn and develop intelligence. He was no doubt well read, educated, with tremendous abilities. But he (like all of us from time to time) missed the point—It was not about Moses—IT WAS ABOUT GOD. This excuse did not fly. Moses did not need to know it all because it was NEVER about him in the first place.
  • Exodus 4:1---“People won’t believe me” –This excuse is a natural human instinct. Being vulnerable is scary—especially to a potential hostile group. God did not let Moses hide behind this excuse. He gave him three miracles—a rod than turned into a serpent, a hand that could turn leprous, and the ability to turn water into blood. God did not dismiss this excuse. He equipped Moses to overcome it.
  • Exodus 4:10— “I’m a terrible public speaker”—Now I’m going to call Moses’ bluff on this one. We have lots of Biblical evidences of his great orations. Maybe Moses was just being humble, or perhaps God truly used a flawed vessel. I kind of believe both are true. God does call the flawed —sometimes--- to carry out His work.  He takes the humble and works through their flaws. Excuse #4---DID NOT WORK!
  • Exodus 4:13— “I’m not qualified”—Moses’ final excuse is desperate. “please Lord anybody but me!” This final excuse wore out God’s patience. Moses carried out God’s mission!

Brethren, God works with each of us where we are and takes us to where He wants us to be! PLEASE---NO MORE EXCUSES! “Choose you this day whom you will serve…BUT as for ME AND MY HOUSE…we will SERVE THE LORD” Joshua 24:15.  Let’s all serve the Lord without excuse.


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