GOOD MORNING, SPRING! Bennie Carr / April 3, 2022

good seedWhen I walked outside this morning, it was a breath of fresh air after the wind and rain we had just had the day before.  I looked and saw the new growth bursting out with new leaves on the old live oak trees standing in the yard, and saw the flowers blooming all around. The blooms from the live oaks lay as a carpet on the grass, which signifies new leaves had come.

Springtime reminds me of God’s majestic power to create living things, plants, flowers, etc., for our enjoyment, as well as nutritional value for our bodies.  We plant the little seeds for our gardens and we fertilize, water, and care for them as they begin to grow and bring forth fruits.  An amazing process!

God’s words in Matthew 13 regarding the Parable of the Sower is like the farmer who goes out to sow his seeds.  He has four options or types of soil that the seeds are sown upon.  They are:  the path (no soil), rocky ground (little soil), among thorns, and good soil. 

When he sowed them on the path, the birds came along and ate them because there was no soil.  When he sowed them on rocky ground, which had little soil, they sprang up quickly; however, because the soil was shallow, once the sun came out, they withered because they had no root.  When he sowed among the thorns, they grew, but were soon smothered out.  When he sowed the seeds and they fell on good soil, the plants began to grow and produced a massive crop.

Jesus told this parable to liken it in comparison to us planting the seeds (His message) of The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The soils are the types of people who receive this message.  Some hear what the message is, but do not understand it, therefore the evil one snatches it away.  Some hear and receive the message with joy, but because they have no root, when trouble or persecution comes (like on rocky ground), they quickly fall away.  As with the seeds that fell among the thorns, the person who hears The Word, but lets the worries of life or the deceitfulness of wealth choke it out, becomes unfruitful.  The seeds that fell on good soil represent those who hear The Word and understand it, and therefore produce a crop many times what was sown. 

This parable is so important to the teaching of Jesus Christ.  We have to make the effort to plant the seeds of His Word if we are to grow.  Are you planting the seeds?  It’s planting time...Let’s get busy!!!


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